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Moser Consulting: Where Data is Configured with Utmost Care

Ty Moser & Paula Moser, CEO & COO
When the aerospace giant National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for the very first time launched its Explorer 1 in 1958, it made a fresh mark in the history of the nations’ space technology by amassing crucial data needed to compete with Soviet Union’s in their space race. Now, more than six decades later — in between every consecutive year bringing forth successive satellites retrieving valuable data, the aerospace giant has travelled a long journey up the ladder — its 4 inch Phone Sat 2.5 collects data on the long - term performance of consumer technologies used in spacecraft as well as stream lines the crucial data.

Such abundance and benefits of valuable data is found even in the planet we reside in. As in the social-networking website — Facebook — is a platform to more than 40 billion photos, while on the other hand the retail giant— WalMart— manages nearly more than 1m customer transactions every hour and feeds database more than 2.5 petabytes. The numbers though sounds un-imaginary, but are the reality that has left the mankind overwhelmed with the abundance of digital information that is getting much wider with each passing decade. Although, the valuable data can be used to unlock many new frontiers, but if not managed well may affect the privacy, and later result in data breach bringing tantrums to an Organization, as the information doubles-up in the technology-driven world fiercely.

To combat these ‘Data Smog’, Ty Moser, CEO and Paula Moser, COO together founded Moser Consulting in 1996 to solely offer data management services. With offices based in Indianapolis, Indiana and Baltimore, Maryland, Moser Consulting offers data, application and infrastructure technology to clients operating in multiple verticals like Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing and Service industries. So far, for its immense knowledge and unwavering contribution, it has been named as one of the Best Places To Work in Indiana each of the last 5 years including three top-5 placing.

Journey since Budding until Re-Maturation:

The initial track to any journey is full of thorns, and those who stand by are the ones to prove the ‘History of Evolution’ once again. Be it an entrepreneur or a business, the theory remains the same for all. The success story of Moser Consulting is not an exception either. Moser Consulting’s journey started when Ty left his corporate commitments to deeply focus on the nitty-gritties of data management. To take the idea forward, the Company hired its first employee in 1997, and as a result quickly grew in the market as the demand for quality data management consulting accelerated. By 2002, Moser Consulting had nearly 30 employees and had also included hardware & software sales services to its portfolio of offerings.

However, by 2006 as the economy created an environment where product sales could no longer support sustainable growth. The team decided to get back to its core strength: Business Technology Consulting. By strictly adhering to its approach and following a sole motive to over shine in data management space, the Company offered its client every possible support needed in data Management space. There has been parallel rise in the number of clients and employees engaged with the organization, over the years. Today Moser has more than 200 vibrant professionals actively employed within the Organization. Ty Moser expounds, “Presently, Moser is organized into service delivery verticals specializing in Managed Services, Data Analytics, Mobile Development and Technical Services.”

Streamlining with the Evolving Technology Era:

IT enterprises are mostly susceptible to changes in technology effectiveness, regulatory requirements and customer demands.
This evolution of the free-market technology landscape creates both winners and losers and with that comes the opportunity. Paula Moser defines, "Moser help clients address these challenges and opportunities by delivering better business technology.” As technology evolves, Moser adapts to the latest technologies to meet the industries rising demand while retaining its fundamental core competencies. Moser Consulting, the first and foremost data- centric technology company, focuses mainly on the management of data and the related applications and infrastructure services. Ty Moser repeats, “Moser’s clients cannot afford to sit on the sidelines, allowing the competition for dollars and clients to pass them by.” And so, the Company collaborate with clients to build opportunity—the opportunity needed to optimize their business technology investment. Through Moser’s Managed Services, clients transfer the roles and responsibilities for all or part of their business technology. Besides, its Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) drive both the client’s expectations and Moser delivery excellence.

Moser Consulting is organized into service delivery verticals specializing in Managed Services, Data Analytics, Mobile Development and Technical Services

For its Managed Services clients who spend more time in identifying, evaluating, interviewing, hiring and retaining qualified personnel rather than being focussed in more strategic and business-facing technology initiatives, the Company aids them with its end-to-end solutions. “Moser Managed Services clients gain advantages in knowing their technology is managed by professionals with the continuity of leadership, delivery and capabilities not seen in non-technology companies,” iterates Paula Moser. With Moser Managed Services, clients have the benefit of the collective experience from more than 200 Moser professionals engaged across all technologies. Additional benefits gained by moving to managed services include moving CAPEX operating costs to OPEX with consistent, predictable monthly fees based on SLA-driven parameters.

Building Value Proposition and Higher Scalability

Any business is a direct reflection of the character of their leadership. Thus, Moser consultant’s leadership team first seeks to understand client’s requirement, and then charts out the best possible solution based on its clients’ business requirement. Ultimately, every transaction is between people. Paula Moser explicates, “Moser’s Managed Services begin and end with the business of our clients. Moser asks the question to its clients, ‘What do you do best?’ Moser listens, and replies, ‘What if you knew that no matter what business decision you made, your technology was reliable, scalable, secure and responsive to that change?’.” The foundation for Moser Managed Services—as with any technology transformation enabler—is Customer Centricity. The depth and breadth of Moser’s professional capabilities is focused on the strategic, tactical and operational aspects of our clients’ business technology. “Moser Managed Services is based on this premise: We do what we do best so you can do what you do best. You manage your business, we manage your technology,” states Ty Moser.

The future of Moser Consultant is predicated on the company’s ability to continue to deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations. Moser’s target growth is parallel to the companies it serve and to remain on top of the ladder in future, by continuously and rigorously providing training to its clients on the latest Technologies. Metrics supporting growth plan also includes more people delivering broader services; more locations; and more clients. “We firmly believe that we are only as successful as we enable our current and future clients to be—and that’s what drives Moser,” saying so Ty Moser concludes the interview.

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